skinSALVATION has moved!

OUR NEW LOCATION, 2489 mission street, #16 (at the corner of 21st and mission) IS OFFICIALLY UP AND RUNNING!
we look forward to seeing everyone in the new space soon.


  • to clear up your acne in 3-6 months. the skinSALVATION method includes the most effective treatments in the industry, truly acne-safe skincare products, and acne-safe lifestyle education. no dermatological prescriptions needed.
  • to teach you why acne management is a lifestyle. no course of antibiotics, single product, or dermatological prescription will cure acne, but that doesn’t mean acne cannot be controlled successfully and sustainably. we will give you the tools to do so.
  • to sell only 100% acne-safe products. before endorsing or selling any product, it must undergo a 6-month skinSALVATION testing process to ensure it is truly acne-safe.
  • to offer our clients full support throughout the clearing process. we are fully-accessible by email and in-clinic checkups between acne treatments.
  • to be honest and straightforward about our method. every treatment and every product at skinSALVATION serves a purpose in the clearing process, and we are transparent every step of the way.
  • to take our work, and your skin, seriously. simply put, the skinSALVATION method is effective and efficient. we will clear your acne, and we’ll do it as quickly and sustainably as possible.

we look forward to working with you! schedule your initial appointment now!

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“When I first started working with skinSALVATION, I had suffered from horrible, inflamed acne for nearly 15 years. I joked that I could buy a small island with all the money that I had spent on trying multiple different types of treatment, from acupuncture to Accutane. I have been a client of sS for nearly 4 years and the results are truly incredible. Not only am I clear, but I have regained my confidence and learned an incredible amount.”

- Kendra H., 30, Nurse